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Having taken its name from Queen Amastris, Amasra was conquered by Mehmed II and possessed by Ottomans in 1460. Having remained under the Genoese rule before its conquest byMehmed II, the city bears many art works reflecting a vibrant trade market.

Having been described as “Castle with flowers” by Genoeses and “Elegant and Pretty” by Plinius, Amasra was likened to “Eye of the Earth” by Niketas and “Balance” by Diogen.

According to a rumor Mehmed II uttered his admiration by asking “Is this place the eye of the earth?” to his mentor.

After the conquest, the two shapels were converted into mosques, a kadi was appointed and people from Eflani Castle were settled to Amasra by command of Mehmed II.

The city remained under the rule of Ottomans as a çenter of Bolu Sancak. The western travellers who visited Amasra in that time mentioned about it with great admiration.

Amasra has been a signifıcant place for military installation and a harbour city for trade from where lumber, boxwood, tuna fish and fur were exported and slave trade was made.

Amasra is also known as the place where tourism started İn the country and the first place with family lodges and tent camping facilltıes in 1940s. Being one of the first tourism places İt keeps its characterîstlc with culture and sea tourism facilities*.

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