Castle of Amasra'de
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  • Çekiciler Sokak, 74300 Amasra/Bartın Province, Turkey
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Description – Amasra Castle

The castle was built in Byzan-tine Period and repaired in Genoese and Ottoman eras.

It consists of two main parts, Sormagir Castle in Boztepe Island and Zindan Castle in the mainland. The former is joined to the mainland by “Kemere Bridge” and reached through a vaulted gate called “Dark Gate” adjacent to the bridge. After the Dark Gate, the way to left leads to the Small Harbour (or the Ancient Harbour) and the other to theHacıdenizi (Pilgrim’s Sea).

The east wall has a length of 65 meters and the south wall is almost300 meters.

There are no vvalls at the north and northvvest since the rocks are naturally too steep and make it impossible to access the castle from thisside.

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