Bozköy Beach (Çakraz)


An immaculate beach, the absence of any reinforced concrete buildings, the cleanliness of the sea, the taste of lush nature and small kiosks.

to chakras 1km away from Amasra 14 km beach at a distance. It is one of the beaches worth seeing in the Western Black Sea region.

Photos from Bozköy Beach (Amasra's most beautiful beach!)

Beach Entrance Fee Per Person: 5-7 TL & Free (Varies by Season)

Is There a Dressing Cabin and Shower?: Yes there is but it is paid

Distance to Amasra Center: 14km

Cleanliness Level: So clean

Market: Small kiosks, available (Snacks and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks)

Is it possible to rent sunbeds and umbrellas?: Yes, paid

How to reach Bozköy Beach

With your Private Vehicle:While following the Amasra-East Black Sea Highway, you have to leave the junction 1km before you come to Çakraz Holiday Village.

By bus: You can get off on the road with Çakraz Buses from Amasra Çakraz prayer station and walk to the beach or hitchhike.

Bozköy Beach – Map Location

To Stay in Bozköy

Goren hostelYou can take a look at . It is within walking distance to Bozköy beach.

Comments on the Beach

We can definitely recommend the clear and clean beach that I went on a boat tour.

incumbent And Amasra beaches Among our favorite places…

It is one of the best and cleanest beaches we went to after Amasra. It is very calm and since it is open sea, we can swim without fear of any germs, and it is also good that the water level is low on the beach sides. 

Amasra çakraz kurucaşile trio was one of our favorite places in our holiday, Bozköy was one of the coastal areas where we spent the longest time, we loved its clean beach and unique nature...

The beautiful place is not bad, but they charged 3 TL at the entrance, I think the public beach should be free.


29 August 2023 |

6 thoughts on “Bozköy Plajı (Çakraz)

  1. Alp says:

    Never go to Bozköy beach. The wave pulled us all towards the sea, we all went out by force, but it took one of us away, if there were no rescuers, we had a funeral 3 days ago. Don't go there, it's not Bozköy beach, it's death beach.

  2. Atâ Çebi says:

    There is no water in the toilets. In filth. So are the dressing areas. There's no room to pull a car. Where does the money collected go?

  3. Ömer says:

    Is there a camping ban on the beach right now?

  4. tt says:

    hello, is there a toilet on the beach?

  5. hakan says:

    Is there a parking lot?

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